Video tracking issues


I am interested in tracking the head in this video (I will have to do some rotoscoping because the hand keeps covering the face), but I was wondering what ways can be used to deal with things like the following:

  • there aren’t any real markers
  • the hand (mentioned previously) covers the face
  • the lighting changes because of shadows.

Is this a lost cause or do you think there are ways to solve these issues?
Thank you!

I don’t think its possible to get a good track from that video

Impossible? or just difficult? :frowning:

even if you get enough tracking points, it probably would look good. Blender can only track rigid bodies(non deformable objects).

Occlusion and shadows are the biggest issue but the dissolves dont help either. I track faces by tracking an eye or nose. If eye then you often have the other one for rotation point. As mentioned I wouldnt track a mouth as deformation would give odd results.

For the dissolves, I have the underlying footage so I think I can deal with that. I think eye corners and nose may be my best bet. Any success with eyebrows? The eyebrows are fairly sharp in the footage. Any thought?

I will post something if I ever get something half-decent :slight_smile: stay tuned!