Video Tutorial: Box model a head

I put together a series of images of the steps I take to model a head into a video. It’s not a complete tutorial where I explain everything I’m doing, but I hope it helps some people, if I can figure out how to do video screen capture, than I may just make a more complete tutorial in the future, until then, happy blending.

I uploaded it to youtube for easy viewing

that looks great but it was VERY hard to follow. VERY VERY hard for me at least. I really want to see what you did but it just too too low res and too too choppy. Really, I saw some nice box modeling technique you have there and I wanna know what u did. =)

Wow nice tutorial !

Ok, here is the best way I have found to do a screen capture.

First off download CamStudio and the Camstudio LosslessCodec v1.0.
Now capture yourself using the program and viola! You now have a video tutorial.

If you want to really go high tech you can edit it in the blender sequence editor and add different video clips, not just one static view of the blender interface. Add sound, music, a cool intro, and even record your voice over several times to get it right. No umms, ands, or uhhs there!

Hope that helps. If you need more info pm me and I’ll give you a detailed run down of how what I have found.


Excellent freeware here, exports flash, pdf, html. It’s nice for video or screen capture tutes. For Windows or Linux.

nice modeling, useless tutorial.

I’d just like to mention that the only people that’ll be able to understand what you were doing are the very people that don’t need a tutorial.

I totally agree with [email protected], a tutorial needs to be easy,simple and self explanatory. That’s why usually videotutorials sucks for beginners…
It’s somthing like “verba volant, scripta manent”!

It is a very nice head. I somewhat agree with what others are saying. However I still think that it will prove usefull as other then a nice showcase of your modeling skills. Not everyone learns the same and while its not really easy to follow along it may very well give a few people new ideas or approaches at modeling. Even newbs will eventually benefit from watching others model.

I think it would be a shame to lose this demonstration of good box modelling this way.
It would be great if it could be redone slower with more explanation as some other people are mentioning here. I don’t think it’s necessary to ditch this demonstration as for some it might still prove useful. But it would be great to have a broader audience covered.
I know that I enjoyed watching the head develop but would have little chance of reproducing the output myself unless I was treated more like the idiot that I am. :o

It’d be sweet if Quixotic made a full tutorial on box modeling a head, would be very useful.