Video Tutorial for Facial RVK Animation

Demonstrating the wonders of Blender requires show and tell. It is simply too different and unfamiliar for the average 3D person to absorb through the manuals and the limited number of textual tutorials. Here is an attempt to make the obscure understandable and usable. It is a simple head modeling video session using Blender - equipped with an extensive verbal and written reference to keyboard conventions and modeling interface found only in Blender:

I think you will find this useful and encouraging,

Greg Smith

hey greg, if you want a mirror i’m offerign to all the video tutorialists


Here is the next installment on this Blenderhead session. Ears are added and this “embryonic” mesh is readied for transformation into a wide variety of different character types:

There is also a link between the last session and this one, for those of you who have been collecting them.

I hope you find this useful and entertaining,

Greg Smith

I would, if I were you, seriously consider redoing this in a smaller screen size.

Sorry, can’t ablige you on this one. The last 3 installments of the series, however, have been shot at 1024 x 768, and, I’m afraid that’s where it’s going to stay, for now.

Greg Smith

I’m a blender newbie and just started this excellent tutorial series. Very helpful!!! Thanks a bunch.

wow! thanks a lot! this tutorial is really great! just what i needed!

with the tutorial:
and before that i tried without the tutorial by myself:

thanks again!

this is perfect for blender beginners! I cant wait for the 8th part!
keep up the good work :smiley:

Is there any way we can actually save these? I find it too much of a hassle to re-download everytime I want to see it. Could you just post the .swf for us (I have the flash player)?

To save these Flash-based tutorials, just look in your “Temp” directory after viewing them - the files are there. If you have trouble finding them there, look in your browser cache file.

Greg Smith

Also, if you want to view them in a smaller screen resolution, you can edit the HTML and open the SWF directly in your browser. The movie will be scaled to the available screen resolution. It crushes things down a bit, but most blenderheads could probably recognize what’s going on.

Or you can load the swf into IE and go full screen.

WOW… nicely done tutorials…

you’re right, i really learn better by seeing, not hearing (or reading)

very helpful…


I’d like to view or download your tutorial, but I get a “Bandwidth Exceeded” error at the url listed. Thanks.