Video Tutorial - LSCM uvmapping

It was taking longer than I anticipated in obtaining a home for my blender tutorials. Fortunately, Chimera has let me host this on his site temporarily. It shows how to use the new LSCM unwrapping and pinning. Just do a “save as” on the following link (48Mb, 20 min.)

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I hope you enjoy it. Thanks again Chimera for the space.


That really was informative and useful. You’ve shown me a lot of features I didn’t even know about. It’s much easier to understand things like this when you hear a voice and see exactly what to do. I feel confident that after watching this video a few times more, I’ll have the basics all in my head. Thanks a lot for a great tutorial. Well done.

wwwwooooooooow!!! excellent!!
thank you very much :smiley:

this video tuts are very good (this one and others in another thread)

they really explain every detail of topic that is not quite so easy explained in on-line documentation.

THX Chimera for the space.


THX GreyBeard for TUT :D:D

np guys. thank him for the tutorial… space is no problem… making good tuts is a problem :slight_smile:


The link is not working?


I would just try a little later, perhaps Chimera is doing some maintenance. I can’t reach the site at all at this moment – not just my particular file.


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working fine again now :smiley:


That was awesome. Finally, someone put together something that explained LCSM unwrapping in a way that made sense to me. Thanks.

Band width limit exeeded :<

sorry guys. you know I have no band width limit. I’ll call my webhoster tomorrow. did you have a message “exeeded?”… cuz I know its disabled on this server. anyways… I’ll ask for it.

Yeah I’m getting a bandwidth limit exceeded message too :frowning:

Fortunatly I downloaded before that poped up. Now that I’m done with my tutorial I can watch his :). Really good tutorial, now I’m not afriad to do my next project with complex textures.

(The audio is quiet. We had the same problem with using XvidCap on my friend’s computer. We couldn’t figure out why the MicBoost wasn’t working. If you use Transcode you should be able to boost the signal.)

Ditto. Great tutorial. The sould levels seemed very low but maybe that’s just my tired old speakers.

Thanks again, and great tutorial!

I’ll try to boost the soundlevels next time – I do have the mic boost on but the mic is very cheap and old so I was surprised it worked at all. I’ll try correcting this one with transcode.

Thanks for the replies,

oke I see my adminpanel is updated. maybe this was the fault. anyways… if anyone has a “traffic limit exeeded”, may (s)he plz post a screenshot? so I have something for my webhoster. as it works atm, they can not support me any further.

Bandwidth Limit Exceeded

This is literally one of the best video tutorials I have ever seen (and I have watched a lot hehe). I really hope you make more (one on weight painting would be nice :slight_smile: ).

It’s working now :smiley: Downloading…

well the webhoster told me I have no traffic limit but there is some curious “secure limit”… just got the explanation.

the secure limit is to prevent the download/publication of movies and mp3s. since this tutorial requested (does not mean downloaded) like… 155 time(!) so that’s y the security limit got activated. if this problems appears again the webhoster offerd me to search for a solution together.

interessting link… my webstats:
look for the file uvtut.avi

That was great! Now mabye i’m going to retexture my palm pilot. I hope you make more cause they really help.