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I am about to start making video tutorials for blender and would like to extend an offer to anyone interested. I am going to start out making a very simple demo tutorial on the use of the knife tool. Basically I am choosing the knife tool because it seems very easy and straight forward to use. I understand it best of all and can see some applications for it so that is why I am choosing it first.

What I am proposing is this. That the community help me in any information they can in using this tool. What to do and what not to do. Any cool shortcuts or tricks. All of the information put together will help me to script out a good tutorial. My main goal is this: To show the level of professionalism I can accomplish in the tutorial field.

What I hope to do is to build confidence within the blender community so that I can get support for future tutorials. Future tutorials are planned to be compiled together into a group of tutorials that will sell on DVD for roughly $25 US dollars. All who help will be paid for their efforts. I understand alot of things of this nature fizzle out, and many people are jaded by the whole “I have got the answer” attitude. That is why I want to make a demo version tutorial first.

I hope to prove my abilities, create a viable process of tutorial creation to be applied to the overall series, and to build confidence in blender users of my vision.

You can post replies here or email me directly if you would like to participate in this test. My most sincere gratitude to all who are interested. Even if you have something negative to say, all advice is good advice so fire away!

ManOnFire Productions

email : [email protected]

The thing that makes the blender community so great is all the talented people who are willing to help the noobs like me who need tutorials for free.

25$ per DVD???
Good Luck…

yeah, you’re tutorials would be ten times more helpfull if they were free :wink:

good luck :wink:

So first off are you telling me that it is wrong for Ton to sell a book for blender at $50 US?? No, what I am proposing is an extremelly professional DVD collection to teach people ALL of the ins and outs of Blender. That takes alot of time and money on my side for the research that will be needed to be done. Go look at Maya tutorials and you will find out really quick that $25 is nothing compared to the $100 and up tutorials they sell on one or two aspects of the system.

I will more than likely host the tutorials for people to download, but will have them on DVD compellation for anyone who wants to purchase and have the set without a ton of download hours. But you have to remember, hosting space costs money to.


it is not a bad idea. as long as it is proffesionally made and tackles all aspects of modelling then its worth it.

im just saying they will be ten times more helpfull, 10% of the community will buy the dvd, 100 % will download it for free. ( I would do the same as you do btw :wink: )

I would host them for free on if you are interested.


That’s fantastic Greybeard! :smiley:

Its nice and all that you want to make vid tutorials for money but do not compare with Ton’s blender book. The profits made from those books go directly to Blender Foundation (correct me otherwise) and not for personal needs. But no one is stopping you from making the DVDs.

I’ll host your tutorials at if you want also.

Well the business plan is in the works, but I have considered putting $$ towards blender from each sale. The main reason why I have considered charging is because of the insane amount of work it will take me to make the tutorials at the level I am working to achieve.

Please note as well that I propose hosting the tutorials for anyone to download. The DVD version will sell because DVD’s and burners cost money. For those who are unfortunate to have a high speed connection (myself included on this one) it is better to spend $25 (estimated guys) to have them mailed to you than $50 a month to have a high speed connections.

Greybeard, your tutorials are awesome and I am excited that you would offer to host for me. Send me an email so I can keep your address handy, I’m going to need it.

Now can we please all get over this hump of something costing money? The tuts will be available for free. Now, does anyone have any pointers they could contribute to a knife tutorial? I am in the process of researching all I can find on the internet, and I have the blender book. Does anyone want to add thier expierience with this tool? Maybe some cool tricks or things you have figured out how to do that are not the norm, or not quickly available to the mind of a beginner.

What I have found in the year or so I have worked with blender, is that you learn a tool, and then find about 50 uses for it depending on what you are doing. All of us working together can make a really great tutorial.

I want to prove to you guys that I can compile information from many sources into a great, sleek, short, and professional presenation. I am offering an invitation to anyone who would like to help. The money aspect is a long term goal for the future. Please don’t get hung up on that.

Thank you for your time,