Video Tutorials (Yes i looked at the stickey)

Specifically i am looing for video tutorials on modeling, and most likely not Blender.

The thing is, i swore i got some video tutorials through links starting from Eylsiun, these were soley modeling video’s.

No text, just a speeded up recording of modeling.

I had a fair amount of them and they were a great help to see various ways to get base models started and whatnot, though later on due to how they add edges and how blender does, it got a bit lost.

So anyway, long story short, i formatted. Now i am without them and after going through hell on google, i cant find jack!

So, do any of you know of anything? It seems any good downloadable version of what i am looking for is solely on a subscription basis… man i wish i had my old ones :confused:

Any help would be awesome… thanks :slight_smile:

There’s one here:

And a series here:
…follow the tute and find the vids throughout.

I haven’t watched all these but I reckon they might be what you’re after.

Andy D.