Video: UV alpha a image to a plane

I just got done uploading my first Blender3d tutorial. It includes:

  1. How to make a PNG transparent image in Gimp
  2. How to apply the PNG to a plane
  3. How to UV map the image to the plane
  4. How to set the alpha on the image
  5. How to add a Lattice to the plane so you can morph the plane
    - how to add hooks to lattice points
  6. How to parent a hook to a bone for animating reasons

This video is set up on and you may need to download the Divx Web player if you already have not. Its like watching youtube with better quality and its all free.

Link to my Video Tutorial :

Direct Link (save to harddrive):
Note: (I know in the video I call the plane a panel sometimes so please forgive me on that one. As far as youtube goes I may post it depending on the quality of the video)

great tutorial! i liked it!

although i dont have gimp, i watched it anyways, nice!

Just as long as it helps someone out!

Nice tutorial! Thanks for sharing!

The video is no longer available… can you provide a new link?