Video with Alpha Channel

Hello, just a quick question regarding getting the alpha channel to work in Blender with a video texture. Im using the media generators (Animated Noise Textures) in Sony Vegas to make a cheap smoke effect and render it out as an AVI with an alpha channel, but when i set it as an image/movie texture for an object, the background, which should be transparent, is black. I set all the alpha check boxes in the settings, and it still refuses to work.
So how do you all get around this issue? What am I missing, or does Blender not recognize alpha in video formats?

What video codec are you using ?
What are your complete texture and material settings

Just tried a video with alpha channel as a texture in blender internal renderer and it shows up correctly

Can’t you export a png image sequence from Vegas? I know video textures using image sequences work with alpha, have done it myself.

Not sure, I just select the AVI (video for windows) format since it’s the only format that allows you to render the alpha channel with it. I heard Quicktime can render alpha, but it didnt seem to work either.

Have you checked if it really it does have an alpha channel ? Have you tried rendering as 32bit

Quicktime Animation codec can have an alpha and works perfectly for me on OSX

As blurredmotion said, just render as an image sequence if possible.

Yeah, ive checked the video by re importing it into vegas, and the alpha channel is there, but I may just use the render to image sequence route instead. Thanks for your suggestions though.

If so, it is using a codec specific to Vegas. You are best off exporting to an image sequence that supports alpha, or splitting off the alpha channel into a separate video to be used as a mask.

The only codecs that are readilly available for video supporting alpha channels are the Animation codec, and png encoded video (png sequence stuffed in a video stream), both of which are not available for AVI that I am aware of.

Export to sequence of .png. Blender3D works only this way on all platforms.

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May be this…

There’s a new setting for rendering w/ alpha (I’m on a dev build so not sure if/when this is in official release).

Properties > Render > Shading > Alpha > Set to Transparent (default is Sky).

Edit: Oops I misread the OP. You’re on about alpha in a texture… sorry, my bad.

Edit: Or maybe not. Sheesh, I shouldn’t post support replies before my 2nd cuppa coffee.