Video within an animation?

I’m a Blender noob, so I won’t be trying to implement this effect anytime soon- but I was just thinking- "How would you use Blender to create an animation that included a 3d TV set, with a video playing on the TV? I did a quick search of the forums, but didn’t come up with anything.
Any ideas?

biuld your tv in blender you can either set the screens matirial to the video you want to play or add it in afterwards the former is better. hope this answers your quastion

You can use a video file (mpeg, avi, etc) as a material??? I didn’t know that.

yes quite simple actually just set texture to image then select movie then the file you want blender does not support all codex thats why sometimes you need to use other software but if you can recode the vid for blender that is far better

Not as a material, as an image texture (F6). Blender is a bit of a jack of all trades.

thats what i have said?

Sorry, you beat me to it.

Hi guys, I am trying to do this in Blender, but I cannot get the audio from my video-texture file to show up in the finished render? Somehow I got it to work before, but none of the settings I am using now seem to work. I am trying to get an ffmpeg output, with the MPEG4 video setting and the AAC audio setting (these were the settings that worked before–I still have the clip that shows those properties). I did click Multiplex Audio under the Audio Tab, and it is Synched to the video. But no matter what, I get no audio, just video, from my texture.

I am stumped! Does anyone have any ideas??

Thanks very much for your help!