Video without Youtube

I edited this post so that the video is now normalized.

I had previously posted a version of this in the Animation forum. Some people (not in the forum) said the video had low sound volume. After consideration, I’m thinking the sound is a Youtube issue. So I plan to upload the new version (with stereo voice sound) directly from my desktop, with no Youtube link. Then I will provide the link to this to the same people who had the low sound issue.

Put the video into a video editing program. After that normalize the sound and output it again. This should make it sound much louder. If it is still too quiet upping the gain can help. It does sound like it is quiet right now. I’d also guess it is not youtube that is making it quiet.

Why is it when I play the video from my desktop, and two other devices, the sound is loud enough even when played directly from Youtube? Yet others say when they hear it, the sound is very low.

I normalized the video on an online site. But like I said, it had been plenty loud for all my devices. Only other people have had a hard time hearing it. I will have to see if the normalized version makes a difference for them.