video world texture not showing up.

I am trying to make a video as the world texture and then put particle effects on it. First I used an Avi that I made in Blender and it seemed to be working fine, but then I tried using an Avi from a camera (Fujifilm A350) and it wont load. Any ideas about what is going wrong?

Strange. How about go Blender’s Video Sequence Editor (there’s a chance Blender might recognize it) and import your Camera Video (shift+a), then f10>“Do Sequence”. This way you re-render the Camera Video in a format Blender likes.

If this fails then you will need to get something like Lives or even mencoder to convert your video into a format Blender likes.

P.S Normally I would recommend Ffmpeg to convert videos, very easy to use from command line. But now days if you want to download Ffmpeg from the Ffmpeg site, it’s in a weird format.

avi’s are interpreted using a codec. the problem is probably that one of your codecs says that it can play the Fuji avi, but really cant. Use VirtualDub to find out which avi code can actually play the video, and then re-encode the video to a frame sequence or avi-jpeg, something normal, and then load into blender.

I loaded the Avi from my camera in virtual dub and then saved it as an Avi, and now it is working perfect! thanks RogerWickes and ozo. The problem has been solved.