(SKPjason) #1

I posted this on blender forums a short while ago… in case anyone missed the link…

A five minute animation can be found at It’s called Heinie Huggers - it was originally made as a rough concept advertising animation for a jeans maker in Oswego, New York.

Also - on the same site are multiple blend files for different efects.

And you can see newer blender pics at

Thanks for any comments.


(Monkeyboi) #2

Lots of nice animation in there! Lots of good Ideas (I especially liked the one that the Goddes of freedom is wearing Heinee Huggers!)

However, I feel that you have overdone it a little. Stick to one thing. Make it small, simple and clear.

It’s like making food. Dont mix everything into a huge blender and eat whatever comes out!

(SKPjason) #3

Thanks for the comments. I agree with your line about not putting too many differing ideas into the clip… however for the purposes of this video, I had to. I was asked to put together a several minute concept featuring many different marketing ideas… the purpose of the video was merely to solidify the many ideas they had for marketing their product. In addition, the “roughness” of the piece is intentional - this was never meant to see the light of day - just to give some high-paid executive something to look at and make a decision…

Thanks for responding. Hope you havea good day. :slight_smile: