Does anyone know of a good video software thing so I can record myself playing a game?

If you are using Windows you can use “Windows Live Movie Maker”. There is a button on the ribbon that allows you to take video with your webcam. If you are using Linux you can give “Cheese” a try. All it does is record video or take a photo. It also has some cool effects.

Edit: I just realized what you meant by your post. Recording your game and not actually yourSELF. oops! However, you can give CamStudio a try. (link has a list of ten free screencasters)

Works OOTB and made exactly for what you want, also works with windows aero and can record game sounds and/or microphone sources and costs almost nothing.

If it has to be free: CamStudio. Tough to setup for many though.

Or look through this: