Videoclips for Folkmusic? (update)

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su proudly announces the first folk music videoclip ever!

My mother has been teaching how to play the melodeon (harmonika) for quite some time;

She has written the music and played it, which I recorded on somewhat simplistic equipment, so it isn’t the best sound quality
(studio’s are very expensive:(
Note: the music is copyrighted, but spread for free

In an effort to ‘promote’ her name and website I made a clip to accompany her music
(though I doubt many blenderheads play the hamonica or would like to learn:) !surprise me!)

I’ve been hearing this folkmusic as long as I can remember and have developed an immune system for it;)
Don’t say I didn’t warn you:)

advertising is not the reason for making this post:
I am not prepared to change the model (unless I hear a valid argument), for it took me a long time to make it “anatomically” correct,
Somehow I do not feel ‘comfortable’ with how it’s being "shot’, I’m no Steven Spielberg, and have not been educated in Film/3d besides The Blender Book’s post-production chapter, so I could use some tips,
unless all of you say it’ ok ofcourse!

I can play it with mplayer, but I am curious if other equipment has trouble replaying it(stil playing with Mencoder’s command line functions…gee…too much …almost

The anim was made in blender(duh) version2.27 and 2.28
And I div-X-ed it with Mencoder(great tool) which I also used to put/attach the music in/under/to it.

Some specs:

NetBSD (Pentium3, 500Mhz) took about 40 hours to render it
originally about 300Mb,
mencoder made it about 3Mb, and the music doubled it to almost 6Mb
Video stream: 197.252 kbit/s (24656 bps) size: 3154961 bytes 127.957 secs 2944 frames
Audio stream: 168.549 kbit/s (21068 bps) size: 2706691 bytes 128.470 secs

( yes I need to add a few frames to the video )

Hope you like it!

PLEASE be gentle to my server

Videoclips for Folkmusic?
This is the first one I’ve seen!
Open Source, You gotta love it!

Whoops…a little host resolving problem…we’re working on it…

Sorry about that, I’ll post an update if it’s “resolved” %|

could someone check this link for me…please?
I’m “behind” several servers and unable to check if someone from “outside” can go there:(
a post if you can’t would be nice.

It works for me (Konqueror).

Both links should work.
I can sleep easy now…

I liked it. I happen to like folk music too (and folkmetal :)) so I actually enjoyed watching it. I watched it three times (I love watching 3d animation, people should make more of them). It’s pretty dark, but otherwise good. The rhythm of the animation was nice, smooth. I liked the camera and piece movement too.

It could use something happening at the background though, and better video quality of course (but for web usage the filesize must be a problem). Maybe make a room around the animation? Or a nice forest or something. Could be done with few nice photos as background I guess. Wouldn’t be so dark with something like that.

watched it three times

wow, now that’s a compliment thanks,

I’ll make sure the next is a little “lighter”, and think about a background.

I am prepared to double the size to 640x480, only that would certainly “eat” my bandwidth away
so that will be available on request only (in the near future:)

This one took looong to render, and my pc has to do lots of other things at the same time, xmms, mozilla(with lots of tabs), (test) server, gimp a bunch of terminals and ofcourse blender.
(yeah,… it’s slow sometimes, but it keeps on going…:slight_smile:

Maybe in a week(or two) I’ll make a new one.