Videogame Mod: Seeking Modeler/Texturer

UPDATE: The position has been filled and the project is underway. Thank you for your interest.


Hi, I’m looking for someone who can model and apply textures. It’s for a public release mod pack I’ve been working on for the past year or two.

It’s for a game called Freespace 2, I’m creating this mod for an unofficial expansion of the game called Freespace 2: Open. The team who created it have updated the games’ vanilla models with poly counts of upwards from 3000-11000 polys. I’m looking to create 5 models in the 3000 poly range. I want to keep it as clean as possible.

There are certain requirements to model for Freespace 2, it’s a small learning curve but I’m sure experienced modelers will find it quite easy.

As stated in that quote, ships have levels of detail in Freespace 2. Meaning, there’s LOD 0, LOD 1, LOD 2, LOD 3 etc. LOD 0 being the 3000 poly model and LOD 3 would be around 200 or less. I think 3 details is all we need.

Each model:
LOD 0: 3000 polys
LOD 1: 500-1000 polys
LOD 2: 200 polys
Debris: 500 polys
Turrets should be discussed but will be low poly.

I may have to give you a model for review, if you so desire. As well as provide other information. I’ll do everything I can to provide assistance in creating the model. It’s a collaborative effort so I want to be hands on throughout the project. I won’t just give you an idea and say “okay, that’s it, now go model it.” …I want to share ideas with my potential team member and really share thoughts on how this should be done. I’m very open to new ideas.


Seeking one person for these two jobs, I’ll take care of everything else like PCX2 and other things. I will table them and do all that stuff to get it working in-game.

Full credit for the person who models and textures them. I’ll display your website and other comments for you in credits and the Readme.

Project Overview:
1 fighter (3000+ polys)
1 heavy fighter (3000+ polys)
1 heavy bomber (3000+ polys)
1 cruiser or corvette (3000+ or 4000+ polys)
1 capital ship (3000+ polys)

The capital ship is very simple, it’s cylindrical in nature. I’m not even sure it will be 3000 polys, it could be less. But we’ll see what happens when we discuss it’s features.

These craft will be enemies and have their own species. I have the story in place and I’ll work on the specifications with the person who’s interested.

Payments via PayPal for each model will be arranged and negotiated.

Please PM me for further details. Post here, if interested, and I’ll get back to you.

Current projection:
Reskin of every Terran vanilla model.
8 additional weapons.
5 additional models. <<< (Modeler/Texturer will only do this)
New species, enemies.
Various UI.

A campaign is something I’m looking into, I’ve been toying with the idea since 2002. But for third-party intentions, I’ll include BoE missions for various screen captures and video work. When this goes public, anyone can create a campaign if they wish.

The only additional information I can give is these craft are simple in design and appearance. Not as intricate as Open vanilla models. But how intricate is up to the modeler. I’m not looking for anything specific for complexity. I’ll provide specifications on the craft and research material. Those people who are interested, email me and we’ll discuss the modification openly further.

The mod will also provide resources for third-parties (screenshots/videos) pending completion of the 5 models.

Free time for this project is very open, time is not an issue, if you wish to contribute one model a year, let’s do it. It’s a paid position and I’m looking for one person to fill it, payment amount will remain private.

This could be a long term project, as stated, time is no factor. There’s no due dates, there’s no restrictions besides the design of the craft and Freespace 2 game mechanic requirements. This is by no means a commercial product, it will be publicly released, free of charge, upon completion of the project.

Thank you.

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After 2 days of reviewing applications and various works. I have filled the position and I want to thank everyone who expressed their interest in this project. Thank you and good day!