Videogame Music

Dear all Blender folks,

My name is Adrian Croom and I’m a composer. I have been writing music for over 15 years as a hobby but I’ve recently dabbled into bigger projects. I wrote the music for The Source Code trailer, Golden Axe: Beast Rider, True Blood, and millions of personal and different friend’s projects over the years.

My favorite types of music to score are Sci-Fi, suspense type themes. However, I would be willing to listen to anyone’s ideas and work within your personal needs and vision.

Message me if you need some music. Take care and good luck on your projects!

Adrian Croom :stuck_out_tongue:

:smiley: you the person I have been looking for can you make me a piece of music which is a main menu music
let me explain the game basically is a game where you fight werewolfs so I was thinking maybe a howl at the begining then in a way a horror in a way a bit like the black ops main menu music im giving you a bit of free roam since I cannot be very specific if its goof enough and I get my job im hoping for I might even pay you

I’m down… I’ll take a listen to the black opps menu as a reference… I can def. throw a howl in there and make some dark music. How long do you want it before it loops? 30 seconds?

Free RPG, Turn Based Strategy, FPS horror, fantasy combat and Side-scroll music for Amateur and Indie Games.