VideoTexture, using the textureID arguement

I need to swap a bunch of textures on the same mesh/material, so im hoping i can call textures by channel index (on a blender material) with videotex.

there is a textureID arguement;

textureID Texture index in case of multi-texture channel, 0 = first channel by default. In case of UV texture, this parameter should always be 0.
but, it doesnt actually seem to work as i expected it too.
the release notes page also states;

VideoTexture.materialID()…In case of Blender material, it grabs the material that has an image texture channel matching the name as first channel.

i was hoping that first chan bit was default and could be overridden by textureID, but apparently not.

anyone know the deal here? am i using it wrong?, is it not what i think it is?, is it just not hooked up yet?

is there anyway to access the other chans directly or am i going to need to use a bunch of swap objects, each using just the one texture im interested in?

o.k… for anyone following me down this undocumented road, the trick here is that you cant get at channel 1 until you first access channel 0

so taking a script which uses 0 and just swapping it for a 1 wont work,
duplicate the line then increment the second one however, will


GameLogic.video1 = VideoTexture.Texture(own, matID, 1)
= “does not exist” error

GameLogic.video0 = VideoTexture.Texture(own, matID, 0)
GameLogic.video1 = VideoTexture.Texture(own, matID, 1)
= working :slight_smile: