videotexture webcam lag

Hi, I’m trying to play webcam video on an object using videotexture, but it plays with about 3 seconds lag, I’ve trying updating the always sensor every frame, changed fps and resolution, but the problem is still there, also I’ve made a search on the forum but can’t find a solution if any. Can someone tell me if is it possible to make the lag not so obvious, or if it will be there no matter what i change?
Thanks in advance

Bge has some issues with webcam, try upbge, i believe that they tweaked it a bit and it would run smoother/faster inthere

Try use 32-bit version of blender. I had the same issue if i used 64-bit player (dunno why, but it works).

Thanks, I’ve tried the 32-bit version and it improves from about 3 seconds to about 2 seconds, and in UPBGE it gives me this error:

RuntimeError: VideoTexture.materialID(ob, string): Object doesn’t have material with given name

It’s the exact game file I use in the official 32 and 64 bit version of blender, tried to look on UPBGE documentation and the API is the same for videotexture