Vidoe ressources for blenderheads on vimeo

I know a lot of you use VIMEO for show casing their animations or videos made with Blender. For those that do not know VIMEO it is a video hosting site like youtube that allows 1280x720HD movies as well as the possibility to download the original movie if the author wishes to allow this. Furthermore it offers additional community services to enhance the experience.

Recently Dykam started a few channels to bundle some of this stuff for others to watch and added me as a moderator. There are allready a couple of channels on VIMEO but I haven’t found any that divide the animations and videos into different categories. So here is our attempt at establishing ressources for blenderheads that are posted on VIMEO.

The Blender3D [Animatin/Video] channel features animations and videos that are made with Blender or where Blender had a major impact on production.
The Blender3D [Tutorials]channels features video tutorials of different things
Last but not least the Blender3D [Time lapse] channel features timelapses of Blender sessions.

If you yourself have any animations, videos, tutorials or timelapses on VIMEO that you which to be featured in one of these channels please contact me at and I will see that I can add them.

EDITED: If your video or animation was added and you do not wish so please contact me as well and I will remove them ASAP.

This is really an excellent idea musk…should be sticky. Allthough…where is BBB? :slight_smile:

It’s on the animation channels all the way in the back. It’s too bad that vimeo doesn’t have a sort function for channels yet. But it is on their todo list.