View All and View Selected not working with Maya preset keymap in Blender 68a??

I am really digging how well Maya’s navigation and preset work in Blender.I have noticed that the view all and view selected shortcuts A and F don’t work in the graph editor window and dopesheet.They work in the 3d view though.If u switch to blender default,they work fine.Is there anyway to fix this?

I created a bug report for you:

A and F works for me in the dopesheet editor, are you sure you only have 1 key selected (orange) that you want to view with F? With all keys active A and F does the same.

Thank you,San.

My bad…they both work in the dopesheet.So it will be fixed in the next version release?

Once again,thanks.

Hey, no problem.

I don’t know if it will be fixed in next release, that depends on the maintainer of the Maya keymap I guess? The Blender devs are usually really fast with fixing bugs - I reported a bug two days ago and it was fixed the same day. Hopefully this will be resolved quickly too.

But I must admit as an ex-Maya user who bit the bullet and learned the Blender shortcuts a long time ago: The workflow is pretty handicapped with the Maya setup. A lot of what makes Blender fast to work in is lost unfortunately. Not saying you should change, and I would probably have used the Maya keys too if it were available back then, but it definitely feels slower. I understand the comfort though.

They fixed it the same day?That’s really cool.I am wondering how does one get access to the bug fix.Would I need to download a trunk version of Blender or is it a script I will have to download when its fixed.

I have noticed some limitations using the Maya setup but I have always worked faster with Maya because its keymap are more centered around the mouse buttons and a few keys.Blender is more keyboard orientated.Also,not needing to familiarize urself with navigation and key configuration of a new app,like u mentioned,makes it easier,faster and comfortable to use.

Oh sorry, not this bug (Maya keymap), it was another bug in the smoke sim. It was just an example of how cool the devs are.

So far nobody has been assigned to this bug, so time-wise there is no ETA on a fix… I’ll let you know if I hear anything.

The Maya preset is a python script, so in theory you could replace it if/when it is fixed, or you could wait for the following Blender release where bug-fixes are included. If you want to test out the bleeding edge development version, you can get it daily at:

Okay.I will also be checking the bug tracker to know if its fixed.Thanks a lot,San.

Looks like this bug was maybe fixed.
Revision 59704

Sun Sep 1 13:19:06 2013 UTC (59 minutes, 21 seconds ago)

Fix #36613: view select/all shortcuts not working in graph editor with the
maya key configuration preset.

Keep an eye on and grab a build that’s 59704 or higher for your platform when it becomes available (Should be in the next 8-10 hours assuming no build errors).

Indeed it has been fixed, just tested it. Looks like one line was missing from ‘’:

Wow…that was fast.Thank u San and powerst for the heads up.Just downloaded the file.Works like a charm.I will also download the latest build once its complied to make use of other new features.

Can someone also make suggestions on what shortcuts can be added to improve the Maya keymap using this report system?This has actually made me realize how important it is to be active in reporting bugs and making suggestions so I will do my best to try and help Blender improve by drawing things I notice to the devs attention.Blenderzilla domination is definitely gonna happen.

Thanks,Brecht for fixing it and San for reporting this bug.Now I can animate in paradise.