View and add materials


is there an addon to view and add materials to the scene in blender?
free and paid?


Asset Wizard is the best material and object manager. I like Instamat for speedy material at the beginning.
But the coolest really is Lily surface scrapper.


Like this?

Maybe someone can offer other variants…

In the next version of Blender (2.92?) they will implement an asset manager as explained by Pablo in the last Blender video:

the addon closes blender when I try to use

have any specific configuration?

I use Blender 2.83 here

For me they all work well. With Lily Suface Scrapper there are often problems. Since the texture pages are changing all the time you should always have the latest version installed.

does anyone have any more suggestions?

Hi Abilio,

Julio Sillet has some nice textures which would be a nice addition to any texture library (some free some not).

To help with setting up a new material you might want to consider the Rapid Pbr Material Creator $ addon:

I use the Extreme PBR Evo $ addon which lets you add additional libraries. For example, Julio’s is compatible.

Have you tried the built in Material Library addon? See for more info. I’m not a huge fan of this one but it works.

I’ve heard good things about Asset Wizard addon but haven’t tried it.

Until asset management is finally integrated into Blender (2.92 apparently maybe) we’ll be dealing with a mishmash of solutions.

Others you might want to investigate:
Simple Asset Manager:
Asset Management $:

BAT & BAM are now both outdated I believe. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

Also, the Lazy Asset Browser Lazy Asset Manager is interesting as it uses a file browser type of solution (no thumbnails). Might give it a try one of these days.

Cheers and happy blending.

thanks for the tip

is there an addon that creates a square in the node with the image it produces?
in the musgrave node an image of the musgrave with its configuration.

I was unable to make any of the above managers work
only what comes in the blender

but the blender does not recognize my folder where the materials are
and it doesn’t have the prediction ball

in any case thank you all