View buttons

I am new at Blender and I’menjoying every minute of it, I am using Blender basics. So I am not sure where exactly to go for help, but what I need to know is about the view buttons. Can anyone tell me how to just change the view of a single object, than the whole screen going with the view. Thank you

eerm… ok not sure what you really mean but do you just want to move/rotate the object rather than changing the viewport?

or what…? :confused:

What I would like to do is for instance i want to just change the position of the cyclinder from side view to front view, but i don’t want the square and circle and everythin else to change in the view but leave them in the same view, Basically it is just changing a single part of the viewfor instance 1-3 and have only the cylinder being change in the view from 1-3 and not the circle.

you can rotate objects but you can’t “change the view” of single objects
the view works like in the real work -
so if you are standing in front of the objects that is what you sill see
if you are standing on the left, that is what you will see etc

if you just want to rotate your object - press the r key
or use the manipulator

I think you are just trying to rotate your object 90 degrees on the z axis - so you can also try this

in object mode
press r > then z > then 90 Enter

if you want to move the location of the object
go into top view (7) and move it with the g key

Select your cylinder, press the keypad-/ key to go into local view and then keypad-3 to view from the side. When done, press the keypad-/ key again to go back to global view.

Admins: can we get this moved to Basics & Interface please?

I really appreciate your help. You gave me the answer i needed to know.