View Collision Bounds

Is there a way to view collision bounds in the viewport?

According to me… No… You can only view collision bounds inside the game engine

for which version? 2.5?
Object Tab >> Display >> Bounds >> Box

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That’s cool… didn’t know that was there… but unfortunately, that’s not the same as the Collision Bounds.
It would be nice to be able to see the collision Bounds in case you want to adjust the margin, or just to make sure everything is okay.
Oh well, I guess it’s not that huge a deal.


but you know about ‘show physics visualization’ don’t ya?

…oh, that’s implicit.

Sorry, can you elaborate? A quick google search shows that it was a thing back in the BGE days.
If it still exists, your wisdom would be mucho appreciated.

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in 2.5

Info Menu >> Game >> Show Debug >> Show Physics Visualization


Render Tab >> Debug >> Physics Visualization

Can anyone ever see the need to be able to create your own custom Collision Bounds?
Or is that all ready possible?

change the margin?!

make custom collision with triangle bounds on an invisible mesh and the visible mesh parented to it.


You can do it, but it will seem weird, you can create a box or any shape you want which will be your custom collision mesh, then set that collision mesh to convex hull and then make in invisible, then oarent your main object to that coollion mesh and then put it inside it, then you will have a custom collision mesh

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this guy did something like this