View / Controls Issues OSX

I am totally new to Blender, and have been trying to follow some tutorials to become acquainted with the tools, but I am having issues, particularly with views and controlling the camera.

I am on a Late 2014 Mac Mini 2.8ghz i5, El Capitan, Apple Wireless Keyboard, Logitech GX9 mouse, tried Blender 2.66, 2.77, 2.77nightly, all have the same “issue”.

Clicking my middle mouse button does not pan the view, I have tried using “emulate middle mouse” checked and un-checked. When I click my middle mouse button a sort of selection occurs, like the Marquee tool in photoshop.

I am unable to change the camera, I tried changing the top menu from ‘Info’ to the ‘3d View’ and then clicking View > Top, Bottom, Front, Back, Right, Left. None made any change, I also tried turning on the “Emulate Numpad” and pressing 1,2,3,4,5,6 etc. on the keyboard with no effect. The View > View Persp/Ortho has no effect either.

I hope there is something simple I am missing, I really am interested in learning Blender but if I cant even follow the tutorials initial tour I am in trouble!

Thank you!

Found solution… I was in the “Maya” input profile, when I switched to the defaults everything started working :slight_smile: