View controls messed up in 2.66

2.66 seems to be screwing around with the viewport shortcut keys. I open a new file and everything is as it should be but save a file and reopen it and bingo - the shortcuts are screwed up. What’s going on here!? It’s very frustrating as I want to use dyntopo and this is driving me nuts :stuck_out_tongue:

Perhaps a better question is - Is ANYONE else experiencing this issue? If not, then at least I know it’s just me and I can start thinking about a complete reinstall or something.

I should add that 2.65a does NOT exhibit this issue at all, so I’m at a bit of a loss.

Seems okay to me. What’s your OS? Any unusual addons or keymaps?

I had that problem too, and the zoom with the scroll wheel was messed up,
but when I re-extracted the files everything worked. Hope this helps.

I had that exact problem, and was very frustrated until I did something about it. See, I had used the installer to upgrade Blender and the controls changed - but when I used the zip file instead, I haven’t had those issues at all since. Win7 with i7 processor, on board nvidia graphics.

Very strange… all these variations.

I didn’t uninstall 2.65a and I installed from the exe: Win7 x64, Intel i7, nVidia GTX 560Ti, 16gb RAM, etc.

On the 2.66 announcement thread, I edited my post four times while trying to figure out the problem. It was like it was automatically set to the maya preset, then if I chose maya and then blender then it would stay with blender view controls, but the zoom was still an issue. Until I used the zip file, I dropped it and went backward to 2.65a.

I’m running Mac OSX and basically just unzipped the file and dropped it in my applications folder. In looking over the comments, I realize that with having some custom key settings, I select the option to use my previous preference settings on the fresh install. Perhaps that is what is causing the problem or some conflict. Let me try a fresh install and see if that corrects it.

This is frustrating. I can’t find the associated startup files in OS X. Nothing I try (Reset to factory settings, etc) is working and the keyboard shortcuts and mouse wheel zoom are still borked. Sigh. “reinstalling” makes no difference. It’s referencing a file somewhere that I can’t find. Any mac users out there that can steer me in the right direction?

Guys, I’ve sorted it out! Thank you very much in helping me sort this out. I managed to find the files to delete by making hidden files visible and now everything appears to be working as it should. When I launched Blender after clearing out the preferences, I didn’t use previous settings when asked in the startup dialogue (easy enough to set this back up later) and it’s fine. Obviously between 2.65a and 2.66 something changed that caused the old prefs to bork the app. Phew. Thanks again.