View doesn't rotate, just zooms in and out.

My blender’s 3D view doesn’t rotate around the object, just kind of zooms in and out. Please help

What controls are you using ?
Have you changed your OS mouse controls
Are you using custom shortcuts / settings
Have you tried closing blender and restarting
File / Load Factory settings

I am using a trackpad, and I have been using emulated keypad and I have used load factory settings. I have tried restarting. I have erased both the app and its files 3 times, but when I download it back again it still is locked to only zooming and not moving around like it used to.

I am using the default controls. But my trackpad used to work fine I don’t understand what happened. I am not using a mouse but I have restarted blender multiple times, loaded factory settings, erased the app and redownload it, but it still keeps happening. Its locked and won’t pan or move around, just zoom