View Expressions curve in Graph Editor


I’ve animated some channels, such as rotation channels and a modifier value using Expressions. But I can’t find out how to view the resulting curve in the Graph Editor. I’m using Blender 2.8.


What does that mean ?
What expression did you type into field of value ? Are you sure it was supported ?

I’ve created animation using an expression like (sin(frame/3+7)/5)+radians(135) in a rotation channel. It works fine, but the curve doesn’t show up in the Graph Editor.

In Blender 2.7x there was a special Drivers section in the Graph Editor, but I can’t find that in 2.8.

Being able to view the curve would make it easier to change the expression and see the visual graph, for timing purposes etc…

I’m also wondering if you can add animation modifiers like noise to an Expression-driven channel, for procedural value variations.

So, you mean that you defined a Driver.

So, you have to look into Drivers Editor. (It was decoupled from Graph Editor)

You can add an f-curve modifier to curve of the driver.

Yes, an Expression (math formula) can only be used in a driver in Blender.

Great, thanks! :+1: