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Hi all

I would like to have the ability to use / save views

An example would be:

  1. Open blender (view 1 is registered in the ‘view-cache’)
  2. Rotate the view (view 2 is registered in the ‘view-cache’)
  3. Press a shortcut key e.g F5 (current view returns to view 2)
  4. Press shortcut key again (current view returns to view 1)

Another option

  1. Open blender
  2. Rotate / zoom / pan to desired view
  3. Press shortcut key e.g F5 and the view is saved to a list of views in the outliner
  4. Double click the view in the outliner to activate it in the 3D window

I’ve tried to compile blender but I’m running into to many difficulties on Win7 64bit.
So now I’m asking if the community is able to help with a script / some code examples to get me started

I believe the code I’m looking for is something to do with getViewMatrix() function, but there is no function called setViewMatrix().

What can I use to manipulate the view?

Thanks in advance

Best regards 3sie3wiel

what about using cameras to save the view ?
you’d just have to write a script to automate adding camera, setting it as active and setting the camera position to the active view
and then maybe add them automatically together in one group
and last but not least add a viewport menu, which displays all items of that group and when clicking on one, let your script set that again as active camera.

… or something like that ^^
dont know if the last part is possible. the rest should be easy

The modal view contains additional panels and controls that overlay the camera view. Another disadvantage is - you cannot take a photo in one touch; you need to touch the Shoot button to take a picture and preview it, and then you need to touch the Save button to get the photo for processing. Probably it’s the best practice but I don’t like it and I hope you think the same way. What about using the UIImage Picker Controller as an ordinal non-modal view controller under the navigation controller the same way as we use the other view controllers? Try it and you will found that it works! The camera view works and looks as it should. You can assign a delegate and process UIImage Picker Controller Delegate events to get and save the photo. Ok, touch the Shoot button, touch the Save button - great, you’ve got the photo! But just look at this - the Retake and Save buttons stay above the camera view, and they don’t work now when they are touched… This is because you cannot reset the view to take another photo after taking one and touching the Save button, the view is freeze and the buttons are disabled. It seems you need to fully recreate the UIImage Picker Controller instance to take another photo. That’s not so simple and not so good. And you still need to use the panels and buttons that overlay the camera view.

Why not apply Direct Selection Method. Just press CTRL and A simultaneously.

Hi Frigge. Thanks for your response.

The reason I don’t want to use cameras is because they will clutter the outliner with unnecessary objects. I’m trying to implement a nice feature from other commercial solid modelling applications. :yes:. I work with commercial software for a living doing support for it, and this particular feature have proved invaluable in 3D design

However if I don’t get the code I’m looking for I might have to take your route.