View Issues, something's gone very wrong.

Hello. I’ve bean learning blender VERY slowly over the year, and tonight something odd happened to my view on my current project… I’ll start by describing what happened… I was in side view (ortho), editing texture regions, and in the 3D view, i wanted to see if i could get the background grid to appear on top of the model for reference. i opened the view properties window, and started to change some settings. one of those was the grid spacing, i dragged in a little bit along, increasing the grid size, but then half the model disappeared. Uh-oh. i have seen similar things to this, it happens when you are in perspective view when you zoom in too close sometimes. the problem here is that the zoom hadn’t changed!

good time for some pics:
(it’s meant to be the nose of a 747, it was till this happened)

i thought the issue may be a field of view thing, so i played with that, it was no help. I switched between ortho and perspective to no avail… i really don’t know whats up here, or how to fix it. you can treat me like a total n00b here, all i want is to reset my view and get back to working.

This is 2.40 Alpha 2, on Mac os 10.4.6
I know i should be up to date, but it’s so hard to get one going with the x-plane import and export plugins…

Edit: Here’s the blend file, 300Kb or so

ClipStart and End are wrong, thats all.

Set ClipStart to 1 and Clip End to 500 or so.

Looks like you accidentally reduced the Clip End of your viewport/camera to 1. Increase it to 200 or so.

Uh… it seems like…er… you accidentally changed the … uh… ClipEnd of your camera… increase it… or something… to like… oh, idk, anywhere between 200-500.

Seriously, that’s the problem. Check out what you need to fix below:

If you look at the Z axis in the 3D view

it is not vertical ?

How do you get it back to vertical on the screen ?

Tanks & Salutations

Press NUMPAD-5 or choose Orthographic from the view menu.


Thanks for your speedy replies :smiley:

That’s what we’re all here for! Now finish that model and show us what it looks like! Keep coming back if you have questions and don’t be afraid to help out other new Blender users!

Ruben - Suggestion

When you are almost done wiht your 7x7 1/2

it would nice if you could upload it to the Blender 3D repository

it would be a nice adition to the other planes already available