View multiple texture paint layers in viewport at once?

I have a material that has multiple textures in it that I’m painting. In texture paint mode, I can set Texture Slots to Material and see all the image textures present in the material. Currently, I’ve been painting with Viewport setting set to Texture. But with these settings, I cannot see multiple texture layers at the same time.

Is there some way to see all my textures on at once and work on them? Is there a best setup for display settings while texture painting?

You can paint only on one image at a time.
But you can see effect of all of them in Lookdev or Rendered display mode.

By default, active texture overlay is set to an opacity of 0.8. But if you set it to 0, you see what should be final material.

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Hmm, damn. I need to be able to see several layers on at once in order to paint properly.

In the texture paint mode, you can paint in the material view as it is.
We could adjust the nodes of the material, simultaneously display two textures, and paint on the object. We used mix nodes.
Is this helpful?

If you are limited to the appearance of the texture mode, we apologize for the misplaced opinion.

I could do that in 2.79, but I can’t find how to do a material view that displays multiple textures in the same image in 2.8 other than live rendering Cycles or EEVEE, which has too much of a performance impact.

Indeed. As you say, simultaneous rendering of textures we used nodes with 2.79 didn’t work with 2.8.
However, We are sorry we couldn’t help.

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I already replied.

That is the button next to Rendered view.

If you are in Cycles, then using LookDev means you are rendering with EEVEE. This has too much of a performance impact to paint with and doesn’t update smoothly as you paint. It’s not the same as the old 2.79 material view.

I’ve tried using WorkBench render mode, but that doesn’t seem to display multiple textures.