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(victor) #1

Hi everybody!

I’m sure glad there’s still a place for Blender-fans to communicate!

I’ve made a few pictures, animations and 2 environments for you to see.

You’ll need a Flash plug-in to see the images and the interactive environments are for Windows only, because they’re zipped.

Hope you like it!


(BgDM) #2

Hey there victor! Nice site. Only suggestion would be to just post the imnages though. Flash acan be a pain for people with slow connections who just want to see your stuff.


(S68) #3

Cool images, ‘mars’ more than cyty, but both cool.

I hate Flash, antway :x


(Goofster) #4

uhmm, Maybe i’m not getting this:
“This program is only compatible with all windows versions”
?! WTF?

that will scare of any linux users :slight_smile:

maybe you should refrase that

nice site though


(victor) #5

Since Blender Creator cannot be downloaded from NaN, I’m providing a download service myself.

I put my downloaded copy of Creator v2.23 on my server and I’ve only got the Windows-compatible version.

Therefore, if any visitor wants to download Creator v2.23 from my site, he can only use it under windows.


By the way, I love Flash myself, but I only got Flash 3, and this old version is slow with new plug-ins.
That’s why it takes a while.