View Snapping Bug?

Hey everyone

When I hold down Ctrl whilst rotating the 3D view to snap it in place, if I then let go of the Ctrl button but keep my finger on the middle mouse button in order to keep rotating the 3D view, then the grid in the background gets kinda stuck and doesn’t follow along with the view anymore.

Does anyone else find this too? I’m not sure if the new view snapping function is supposed to behave like this or if it’s a bug.

Nope. Are your keys getting stuck? The first time I tried, my key got stuck and it zoomed in, but it keeps rotating every other time.

No, my ctrl key doesn’t get stuck. Are you making sure you’re keeping your finger pressed on the middle mouse button after letting go of the Ctrl button as this is when the problem occurs. If you let go of the Ctrl and middle mouse button at the same time and then try to rotate the 3D view again then the problem doesn’t exist. It’s only when continuously holding down the middle mouse button that the problem arises.

I know it’s just a small glitch, only I not sure if it’s on purpose or not.

futar, I’m getting it too. You could report in in the bug tracker, it looks like it’s just an oversight somewhere.

yes it seems like that background grid is behaving as if you are trying to zoom in and out whilst at the same time the objects in the scene are behaving as if you are still rotating around them.

I’m still not use to reporting bugs

futar, for reporting bugs, just create an account, click on submit new, and do your best. :slight_smile:

Alternatively you can talk to the developers in channel #blendercoders on and tell them.

Nope still works here. I do keep holding the MMB down. Maybe it’s OS specific? OS X here.

I’m on Mac OS X 10.4.11

I’d report it to the bug tracker if I where you too. Or get in touch with one of the devs to see whats going on.

It’s fixed in svn already.


Cool! Thanks martin. That was my first bug report. shame i’ve never really used svn either. Still nice to know it’s fixed

Thanks Theeth, that was quick. I just updated svn and tested, it now works as expected. Thanks for doing that bug report, futar.