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View3D Exponent v1.5.1, 2022-06-22 release.

View3D Exponent v2.0.0 BETA, 2022-06-24 release. (add “Save View” feature)


View3D Exponent is a Blender addon aimed to improve manipulations in 3D viewport. Blender often breaks user workflow by accidental view rotation. And, toggling quad view into mono view loses context viewpoint and lock state. And, sidebar overlaps on quad view in annoying way. View3D Exponent solved these issues and ensure you a far more fluent yet flexible 3D viewport.

Target Users

  • industry/archviz artists, who depends on planar layout

  • newcomers to Blender from CAD or 2D background

  • 2D animators who utilize Grease Pencil

  • others who suffer from accidental view rotation

  • orhers who require improved quad view

Main Features

  • Lock View Rotation EX

(lock states in mono view: Unlocked, Locked)

(lock states in quad view: Unlocked, Side Views Locked, 3d Region Locked, Full Locked)

For manipulation fluency in mono view, the view rotation lock works in “soft” way. Switch ortho axis, perspective/orthographic state, or camera/user viewpoint is allowed in locked state.
For stable ortho side views in quad view, the view rotation lock works in “hard” way. All viewpoint related operation are forbidden in locked state. Side views and 3D region can be locked simultaneously or separately.

  • Toggle Quad View EX


The operator is fully “context-sensitive”. That means, when toggling between mono view and quad view, the viewpoint and lock state of previous view mode is kept into following view mode. If you have 3D CAD background, this feature let you feel home comfort.

  • Swap Middle Mouse Action


You can setup middle mouse as Pan for locked view rotation, Orbit for unlocked view rotation, or to your liking, at one mouse click.


The addon’s preferences can be accessed both from Blender Preferences > Addon, or the addon’s main panel > Preferences.



  • Lock Side Views

  • Sync and Clip

  • Ortho Side Views

  • Ortho 3D Region

  • Unlock 3D Region

  • Smart Middle Mouse

  • Pan for Half Lock

  • Smart Region Overlap



  • Exponent Main Panel: Ctrl + Alt + X

  • Lock View Rotation EX: Ctrl + Alt + W

  • Toggle Quad View EX: Ctrl + Alt + Q
    (This intentionally override stock counterpart.)

  • Swap Middle Mouse Action: Ctrl + Alt + E

These shortcut keys are enough for most use cases. In rare cases, you call main panel and hence the addon’s prefs panel and tweak options and prefs on these UI.
The shortcut key for main panel can be changed on its menu entry. Other shortcut keys can be changed in the addon’s main panel.
To change a shortcut key, popup right mouse menu over specific operator, then “Change Shortcut”.
To restore all shortcut keys to default value, come to Blender Preferences, disable and enable the addon.


Added #commercial tag


Q: How does “Lock View Rotation EX” by this addon affect stock “View Axis” operator (Alt + MMB)?
A: In mono view, the lock works in soft way, it won’t break Alt + MMB. In quad view, the lock works in hard way, it does prevent Alt + MMB.

CAD Sketcher is a revolutionary addon in early development.
It is introducing parametric technique from CAD world into Blender.

CAD Sketcher [ Blender Addon ] (

A stable workplane is must in such a workflow, and this is where View3D Expoent shines.

I am just in love with his Blender addon! It is useful yet simple and so handy at all times! Can’t believe it wasn’t created before. I am so happy to be in touch with such an incredible developer like you. I just love it.

Glad to hear! If you have later questions, feature requests and bugs reports, don’t hesitate to let me know.

Thanks to staff of blenderartists, the link error of gumroad in op has been corrected.

(The author edited on 2022-06-22.)

v1.3.2 (2022-06-10)
Fix: quad view > side views, always set “view_perspective” to orthographic when locked.
Fix: when toggling quad view, perspective state of locked 3D region is retained now.
Change: quad view > 3D region, always keep “view_perspective” state (ORTHO/PERSP/CAMERA).
Change: bl_idname “view3d.lock_view_rotation” to “view3d.lock_view_rotation_ex”.
Change: swap position of “Lock View Rotation EX” and “Toggle Quad View EX” in main panel.

v1.3.1 (2022-05-30)
Change: author name of bl_info to current shop name
Change: code cleanup

v1.3.0 (2022-05-19)
Change: rewrite all functions and combine into new class “View3dRotation”
Change: operator name from “Lock View Rotation” to “Lock View Rotation EX”
Add: lock state of 3D region is considerd when toggling mono/quad view
Add: expose “Lock 3D Region Rotation” option to panel
Add: addon preferences panel, 2 options are “Lock Side Views”, “Sync and Clip”
Add: 2 more lock states of quad view, “3D Region Locked” and “Locked”
(to existing “Unlocked”, “Side Views Locked”)
Add: depress effect for “Lock View Rotation EX” operator on main panel

Lucky users,
If you like it, don’t be shy to share your likeness both on the store you get it and this thread.
Your positive rating help more users benefit from this addon.
If you come across usage questions, bug reports, feature requests, don’t hesitate to tell me.
Your requests help improve this addon.

Newly Update!

v1.4.0 (2022-06-12)
Add: expose stock “Region Overlap” option to addon’s main panel.
(Display tool/property regions over the main region. Prefer OFF for quad view.)
Add: “Smart Region Overlap” option to addon prefs
(Turn on “Region Overlap” when toggling into quad view, off into mono view.)
Add: “Unlock 3D Region” option to addon prefs
(Always unlock view rotation of 3D region when toggling mono/quad view.)
Add: 3D Viewport > Menu > View > View3D Exponent, call addon’s main popover panel
(Hence the shortcut to call main panel can be customized by RMB menu “Change Shortcut”.)
Fix: toggling from quad view’s unlocked side view into mono view, hide clip planes now.
(This bug affect Blender 2.93 - 3.2, but not 2.83.)
Change: code cleanup for main panel UI

Lucky users, if you find this addon helpful, you can encourage others also benefit from it by giving a 5-star on gumroad, or write some recommendations in this thread or anywhere.

“Region Overlap” and “Smart Region Overlap” are introduced into v1.4.0
They aim to improve the practicality of quad view layout.
“Region Overlap” is a manual switch, which allow toolbar/sidebar overlap over viewport region when toggled ON.
“Smart Region Overlap” auto turn on “Region Overlap” when toggling into mono view, and turn off when entering quad view.

“Region Overlap” on popover panel

“Smart Region Overlap” on addon’s prefs

run “Toggle Quad View EX” when “Smart Region Overlap” off

run “Toggle Quad View EX” when “Smart Region Overlap” on

Hope someone like this new feature and this addon.

v1.4.1 (2022-06-15) Updated!

Add: description for classes and functions Change: remove useless "UNDO" from bl_options of all operators Change: minor UI tweaks

v1.5.0 (2022-06-20) Updated!

Add: in quad view, side views and 3D region be locked/unlocked independently now
Add: new prefs popover panel called from the main panel, without leaving viewport
Add: new options to addon’s prefs,

  • Ortho Side Views
    Side views use orthographic projection when entering locked state. Otherwise, use previous projection.
  • Ortho 3D Region
    3D region uses orthographic projection when entering locked state. Otherwise, use previous projection.
  • Smart Middle Mouse
    Use Pan as middle mouse action for locked state, and Orbit for unlocked state. Otherwise, use previous keymap setting.
  • Pan for Half Lock
    In quad view, use Pan as middle mouse action for half-locked states (only side views or 3D region locked). Otherwise, Orbit for them.

v1.5.1 (2022-06-22) Updated!

Add: new “update” methods for prefs: Lock Side View, Sync and Clip, Unlock 3D Region

Change: “Ortho 3D Region” does not change camera orthographic to user orthographic now

Change: code tweak in ‘ViewRotation.qv_lock_side’ method

v2.0.0 BETA (2022-06-24)
Change: code tweak and bug fixes
Change: hotkey changed for new “Save User View”

  • Cyclic Handling
    Save View: Ctrl + F3
    Load View: Ctrl + F4
    Purge Memory
  • Memort Slots (on panel)
    Load View: LMB + LMB
    Save View: LMB + MMB
    Remove: LMB + RMB
    Cancel: LMB + ESC
  • Memory Slots (in viewport)
    Save View: Ctrl + F5 > Ctrl + <0 - 5>
    Load View: Ctrl + F5 > <0 - 5>
    (Note: <0 - 5> is slot number.)