Viewing a face head on

Say I have a whole bunch of faces at different angles like in the attached image.
Is there a way to align the camera parallel or perpendicular to those faces as you would by hitting the numpad keys (1,3,etc) for an object that isn’t rotated like the starting cube for instance.

I don’t really get what you mean:

How can you align a camera to a bunch of faces all pointing in different directions??
That’s impossible but do this (no real solution) if you meant just one face or some points:

  • Select the camera
  • Shift select the objekt
  • go into edit mode and select three points of your face
  • press Ctrl+P and parent the camera to the three vertices
  • go into edit mode and select the camera
  • press Alt+P and select “Clear parent and keep transform(Clear track)”

But as you can see that is just a solution to align to vertices.
if you want your camera aligned parallel, select it and rotate it 90 around its local axis and then move it as you want on its local axis.

I’m not sure, but I think you mean this:

  • Tab into edit mode.
  • Go to “Face select”. (CTRL+Tab, “3”)
  • Select the face you want “head on”
  • Press the *-key on your numpad
  • Voila!

Hope this helps!


thanks guys