Viewing a unit in g3d importer/exporter (need help)

i have blender 2.37a , python 2.35

i run the py. script from the top center window scr. 2 scripting click- file open-open text file. and in there can view the xml documents from glest 1.1.0 faction ,unit ,so on , click on the xml document and can see all the command lines. if i click on the archer stnding g3d i get a line of symbols.

in the notes for g3d it says it should show under wizards under the blend files…it’s not. or i’m doing something wrong.

how do you view the units ?? i’m missing something simple i guess…
not a programmer…

you should be placing the script in your .scripts folder and then be running it from the export menu not running it from the text window.