viewing image to model it

Hello, my problem might be a little simple, not sure if topic worthy, but its driving me crazy; I have tried searching for the solution, but not luck. I was following this tutorial , but it doesn’t specify how to lower the opacity of the object to model it. Like this . Although I have taken 3dstudio max courses, I’m pretty new to blender.

thanks in advance.

Select the object and click S while pulling the mouse back to lower the size.

in edit mode press “z” to go into wireframe mode, then press F9 to go to the edit buttons, and click “draw faces” under “Mesh Tools 1” if it hasn’t been selected already.

To lower the opacity in object mode (and in solid, not wireframe) make a new material, set the Alpha (under the RGB sliders) to whatever (1 is not transparent, 0 is fully transparent) Then go to Object buttons [F7] and under “Draw” click “transp”

edit- dam, someone posted the same thing while i was writing mine… oh well

press ‘z’ to change to wire frame view

good luck with the head

2 ways:

  1. In F9, MeshTools 1 tab, in Edit mode, turn on “Draw Faces”, then work in WireFrame mode (toggle Z)

  2. In Solid Mode, add a Material and lower the Alpha value in Material tab in F5, then in F7, Draw tab, turn on Transp.