Viewing Issues

Another basic question, how do you rotate around your model and zoom in and out. I do not have a number pad because I am using a laptop.

If you have a mouse for your laptop you can click down the scroll wheel and drag. By scrolling the scroll wheel you can zoom in and out of your scene. This is the only way I know how to do this so hope it helps.

The mouse middle button or pressing ALT + Left Click can be used to rotate the view
The mousewheel or pressing CTRL+ALT+Left Click can be used to zoom the view
The mouse middle button+SHIFT or pressing SHIFT+ALT+Left Click can be used to pan the view

Without a numpad, to set the front/side/top (and inverted) view, click on View -> and select the view direction

Without numpad, to set Ortho or Perspective view mode, click on View -> View Persp/Ortho in 2.57b and in 2.49b just click on View -> Perspective or View -> Orthographic

Thank You very much.

On my laptop I open the User Preferences (CTRL+ALT+U) and under the Input tab I enable “Emulate Numpad”, this transfers the numberpad controls to the numbers on top of the letters. It takes some getting used too, but it works fine:)

If this is enabled:
2 = pan down
8 = pan up
4 = pan left
6 = pan right

  • = zoom in
  • = zoom out

Thank you so much.