Viewing previous poses?

My imaginations not what it used to be.
I was once very visual but nowdays need a little help.

Or maybe it’s just me.

Anyway, I’m wondering. I’m doing a complicated animation and I think I could use something that allows me to view a previous pose while I’m on another frame doing another pose. Can Blender do this. It sounds familiar.
Maybe I came across it once. Or maybe I didn’t. %|

If I understood well, it’s already in Harkyman’s proposal. Which seems could be made for next version…

K or Shft-K.


Thanks, both of you.

Um, fligh, I don’t think I can get the show all keys button to do anything.
I mean, I push shift-k and a dialogue box comes up, I click it but nothing happens.

But it’s all right, I’ll manage somehow.

The object must have IPO’s and be selected and in object mode.