Viewing Textures in 3D

I looked at the Rigid body file on Blender and amazed to see real textures in the 3D work space. File here

Potatoe [Texture] mode has never done much for me besides darken the scene. Shaded mode only reveals textures if there are a sizeable amount of faces. I’ve tried having a look at the materials in the above file, but darned if I can find them. Pressume they’re baked in. Even tried to append the material to another file, but comes up as empty.

If someone can make this clearer, please do. If someone has tips to seeing textures really, please, please, cause this is bugging me bad :expressionless:

They’re not baked materials. They’re UV mapped textures. Here’s the link to the kikibook:

Thanks for the reply.


Texture mode is only of use for UV mapping? Seems so…

You can’t append UV maps? Face Select objects & save from UV image editor

Living and learning here. Appreciate help :-?

–I believe so… I mean there is also vertex paint mode, in which each vertex contains a color value that is blended across the face, but I don’t thin kthose are the types of texture you are referring to. Procedurals, to be viewed in realtime, AFAIK, need to be baked in to be seen.

You can’t append UV maps?

–you can… with a script, just remember, UV maps are based on vertices, so to swap UVmaps, one would have to swap between models with identical numbers of vertices.

…however, when you append an object, it’s UV map will come with it.

Face Select objects & save from UV image editor

–not sure what this means, but you can use LKey in UVface mode to select linked UV “islands”, and unwrap them individually. This means you cut your seams, and then unwrap it piece by piece, I have found this to be very helpful while unwrapping complex objects.