Viewing the system console on ubuntu?

well the title pretty much explains it all. I have a script that works on windows, but not on ubuntu. So how could I view the blender “system console”? any help is greatly appreciated.

I think you have to start Blender from the console for Linux.

I’m new to linux, where is the console may I ask?

Usually something like Applications > Terminal (menu). It can very depending on what version you are using and also which desktop user interface (of all the options) you happen to be using.

Run Blender from this window. (Ask if you need to know how, although, we will probably reply with questions like, “where have you installed Blender?” which will help give a more immediate reply if you are stuck at this point)

On old versions of ubuntu you could edit the menus and change the start type from ‘Application’ to ‘Application in terminal.’ You can probably do this on the newer ones too, but I don’t know how.
Otherwise create a custom launcher that points to blender and starts it from terminal.