Viewing video in 3d window?

i made a video with a saber and rotoscoped a saber (:P) in PSP it came out fine but it was only around 100 frames :o . now i want to make a longer video 14400+ frames. in blender i have a plane with a test avi for its texture. and a smaller plane infront shadeless whight. this means i can use mesh keys to rotoscope but in 3d window i cant see the avi to line up the smaller plane. is there a way to an avi to show up on the plane in 3d window?

No. You can subdivide the plane and the image will improve with each subdivision, but the only way to see the full texture on an object is with UVMapping.


Put your .avi in the BackGround ^^ !!

Load an .avi as MATTEXImageMovie on a Mesh
In a View or CamView, choose Menu View\BackGroundImage\UseBGImage<b>Texture TE:texture_with_Your.avi :smiley:
Erase the Mesh !

yum just what i wanted cheers LOD :stuck_out_tongue:
now to work out mesh keys…