Viewing your backfaces.

I did a quick search for this but didnt find it. I was once able to view the backfaces in a darker color, however, all of a sudden I noticed that they were gone. I started to use the Z keyboard shortcut to switch to wireframe and back. That is the last time I remeber seeing the back of the head through the eye holes. I think this is once again something silly that I enabled or did. Coming from Hexagon, has really messed up my modeling I think. I almost started with Blender when it was 2.1 something, I really should have stayed with it but it was so basic that I couldnt figure it out and there wasnt that many sites out for helping noobs.

Not sure exactly what you’re asking (a screenshot would help), but it sounds like you need to toggle the “Limit selection to visible” button in the 3D header. Alternatively, if you’re not seeing the back of the head at all, you may need to increase the clipping limits of the viewport.

Limit selection to visible does not help, merely allows me to see what’s behind the faces. I think it’s the latter one, but I have no idea how to do that. I don’t really want to have to append again. there’s a lot of things to append now.

See how the back of the head’s backfaces are invisible? Now it has come in handy for modeling the mouth but I want to know how to toggle it on and off so I can switch whenever Orthographic view is active, in case you want to know.

Try changing the Viewport Shading of the 3d view window from Texture to Solid. The setting is in the view’s header.

umm, it is set to solid, always have been. I havent gotten to the texturing part. However, if I change it to texture I can now see the backfaces. But that kind of messes up the shirt and skirt I am working on, glares them out to white I’ll have to fiddle with the specular I think. Thanks. But is there another way to view the back of the head without going into texture mode?

Try disabling the “Textured Solid” option in Display portion of the Properties panel (toggle it open with the N key in the 3D view). That should fix it for Solid shading.