viewing your movie. NEED HELP

Im knida new to the whole animation aspect in blender, after you render the animation (as JPEG’s), how would you view it in, lets say, window media player??

If you rendered it as JPEGs (each frame seperately) you can’t view it in WMP unless you combine them all into a movie. There are many programs to do this, but it’s much easier to just render to a movie file in the first place.

Press F10 and where is says Jpeg, click that and choose AVI Codec. This will render to an AVI file with a given Codec (an algorithm used to compress the video). If you choose AVI Raw, it will save an AVI file with no codec, or uncompressed. It will be much larger, but will suffer no image degredation. A good codec on a high quality setting will make the file much smaller and still retain almost all of the image quality.

  1. Choose a codec, I suggest using the latest version of XviD. After installing it, you should be able to choose it in the drop down menu of codecs.

  2. Press F10 to get to the rendering settings and look for the Format tab

  3. Change the format from “Jpeg” to “AVI Codec”

  4. You will be greeted by a popup window asking which codec you want to use. If you downloaded and installed XviD, it should be near the bottom of the list (Full Frames (Uncompressed) is the same as choosing AVI Raw)

  5. Optional Click the “Configure…” button, you can tweak the codec here. For basics, you can leave everything at default, just look at where is says “Target quantizer:”. 1 is the highest quality and 31 is the smallest file the XviD codec can produce. I find that 4.00 is a good compression that keeps the image quality very high. Play around with it to see how you like it.

K, tanks a lot.

BTW, what does AVI JPEG do?

AVI Raw – Saves each frame as a BMP
AVI Jpeg – Saves each frame as a Jpeg
AVI Codec – Algorithmically connects frames to store least amount of data possible

So basically the codecs look at frames ahead/behind and compress based on the video, while Raw and Jpeg just store each frame fully and link them together. I did a short test, and the file sizes came out like this:

Avi Codec (XviD @Q3) – 11 KB
Avi Jpeg – 137 KB
Avi Raw – 14,000 KB

take that with a grain of salt beacuse the animation i rendered was just 10 frames of the default scene, so nothing moved. But it gives you an idea of compression.

Thanks a lot for your help :smiley: