Viewpoint doesn't include everything changing scene


Just registered for this forum. Also I’m quite of a newbie regarding Blender.

I was trying to make a small game following a tutorial for just that. A game with a platform that has a hole in it. And then you have to rotate the platform to get the ball in the hole.

Well, anyway… I’ve got a question regarding camera’s or changing scenes. Whenever I get the ball in the hole, the intention is to change the scene.

But when I change the scene I don’t see the view of the camera I placed in the other scene. Instead I see only a part of the ‘Well done’ message. (So scene changes but view is not what I expected.)

Could it be the camera from the first scene stays active even when changing to the end-of-game-scene?

And how should I resolve this?

When switching the scene (in Set Scene mode), the complete current scene is removed, incl. any camera. The new scene automatically switches to the active camera of the new scene, regardless what the 3D-view was showing.


Okay. Thanks. I think I have to fiddle around with the camera properties.