Viewpoint orientation to view a single edge, end-on?

Is there a quick way to align a Perspective viewport to align itself such that it views a single Selected edge, end on? (Without eyeballing it, of course.)

It could be a subset of some existing feature, I don’t know.

Select edges and Numpad . (dot or del)

All numpad-. does is center the selected element, it doesn’t ALIGN the viewport.

select the edge, hold shift and press 1,3, or 7 on the numpad (additionally hold ctrl if you want to view the other side).

Also works analogously for faces.

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Excellent. :+1: FWIW, shift+1 is the one that gets the viewport “end on” to the Edge.

Oh maaaan, that is going to make one task I’ve been doing SO much easier. THanks.

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The only problem I had with it is that the viewport decides the overall angle of the view. And that can be goofy or inconvenient.

Since that’s exactly what I want, as suggested by ALIGN, that’s not a problem for me.