Viewport display wireframe not showing modifiers

Hello, I want to show my subdivide surface in object mode like I always do in order to see how complex it is and to see if it will match up with my sky sphere. I want to be able to create a landscape out of the rounded plain yet connect to the sphere. However, I cannot see the lines the way I used to, which was quite handy to make sure things line up and to see how complex things are like it used to be in 2.79 (I never noticed it was gone until now) here is what I mean.


See the difference, I literally went back through my versions to find the one who had what I am looking for. I really don’t want to import the sphere and ground into 2.79b then back, I had slight disorientation going from versions. Can anyone help me figure out how to bring the modifier lines back?
Note, it’s more apparent when you divide the cube multiple times but for the sake of speed I only did it once.


Hi, uncheck optimal display.

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where is that at?

It is an option of the modifier (you can see it on your screenshot)

oh yeah thank you