Viewport for Retopo


Once I watched a CG cookie tutorial about retopology. But I’m not sure which one -_- now, there were some amazing tips on how to get verts to be properly shown and that you could see most of the stuff you need to see. Anyone knows any tips for viewport during retopo? Thanks in advance!

Maybe, :smiley: what does it do exactly? I mean I did researched into this earlier, but I don’t know exact purpose of this. I can’t see trough my retopo mesh any longer, but the true mesh is still transparent, what’s the difference between hidden wire on and off (without that it changes it to look like wire) ?

Solid display retopo on sculpt, bad, don’t see enough the detail of the sculpt and you don’t see your retopo well

Solid display + xray, bad, don’t see the underlying sculpt detail anymore

Wire display, bad, similar problem as in Solid display

Wire display + xray, bad, it’s a soup of vertice as you see both front and back

Solid display + xray + Hidden Wire , good : you see correctly the wire without the backface soup of vertices, and can still see nicely the underlying sculpt detail

I expected i to do this, but it didn’t work then :smiley: thanks for explaining. I’ll check it again when I’ll be at home.

Yeah, got it now :smiley: Thank you!