Viewport is broken


I was in the middle of making a plane when this happened

This happened suddenly when I switched from orthographic to perspective view. This only happens in Default view when in perspective view. The model looks fine when anywhere else, like the full 3D view and UV map editing. It also looks likes this when in texture and material view in default layout. I have tried restarting the computer and blender but nothing works. All of my other blender files are normal, but any shape in this certain one looks like in the picture. Please help.


Never seen that before please upload a .blend

Try two things. One, simply trash that view by creating a new view from another good view and simply remove this one by joining (sliding with that big arrow) another one over it.

Second have a look at and adjust your clip start and end points. Not because I think the view is out of that range. But because extreme ranges on the clip start and end can cause issues in open GL on models within the range.