Viewport is pink

Why my layout is pink?

Here is a picture

This color usually means a missing texture.
I’m assuming this one is in the World material. Might’ve lost the path to the image?


Thank you so much for your response :heart:Yes I have found it basically I hv changed my computer so do I hv to download it again and relink it?

If you haven’t brought it over to this computer with your .blend file, then yes, you need to add it again.

When moving files between computers you either have to copy the texture files along with the project file
you can Pack the texture straight into your .blend file

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Oh okay thank you for telling me that… I hv downloaded it again but it is not locating it. So I am trying it will let you know shortly and btw how do you pack the texture straight into the blend file?

Sorry to stand my stupidity that folder was zipped that’s why it wasn’t showing up now it is perfectly linked thank you so so much for your time and kindness…God Bless you this community is best :raised_hands::pleading_face:

=) Glad it’s working!

Here’s manual page on packing:

Good luck and have fun!

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I will look into it Thank you :two_hearts:

You can also automatically pack resources, so that you don’t have to remember.


Thank you so much I will try this one for sure