Viewport issue orbiting

Soo, I just this morning downloaded the latest build of blender 2.8 (the beta of course) and I open up a project I’ve been working on. Everything was fine until I saved. Now for some reason, the viewport will only zoom to under the grid and orbit the view from that point as well. Even when I set the navigation to orbit around cursor or orbit around selected, it still only goes to the retarded nonsensical point underneath the grid. Also when I zoom it only zooms to that point, even when I shift the view to the side. Then when I orient the view to the top side or front with the number pad, not only does it not go to the center point of the scene, it goes thousands of miles away from anything even relatively close to the scene (to the point the grid is not even visible anymore) to which I have to spend like 5 minutes scrolling back in to where everything is finally visible again. I’ve opened up a new file and the issue is not there so I’ll assume its not a bug, but I didn’t have this issue in the previous version until I saved it in this new one, so could it be a compatibility issue or is this an issue anyone has ever encountered that they had to fix as well?

Welcome @FirstDonDiego !

I’m not entirely sure whats going on but I would love to help. Is it possible to share your .blend file or screen shots etc? Anything I could start with to help?


It’s all sorted out now thanks though. I had to lock the view to an object and the remove the lock and then it started behaving right. But that was indeed weird. I hated to have to start the whole thing over because of that because I spent quite a bit of time working on it.

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